Our mission...

To provide affordable martial arts and self-defense classes to all children and families, to make sure our community is safe and knows how to stay that way. 

Our board members...

Includes Jennifer and Jared Faust. We serve as President, Director, and Treasurer of the SMARTs foundation. 


Who we are...

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focusing on helping children learn self-defense and martial arts, with multiple budget friendly options. We offer after school and weekend classes as well as seminars for youth groups.


What we do...

Our classes help to prepare children to be self-sufficient, build their confidence, learn and earn respect, learn how to work as a team, and ensure they can safely get help and/or defend themselves if ever in a dangerous situation.



"Senseij is a great place for the kids to learn karate, my son has been a student of Sensei Jared for over 4 years and he has learned so much. To us it is worth the drive to Anthem."​​


"I highly recommend Senseij Enterprises. Sensei Jared is an outstanding instuctor with compassion, understanding and motivation for his students. Senseij Enterprises offers energetic and fun classes that motivates his students."


"We are so glad we found SenseiJ!! My kids both love their time here. You can see the confidence and strength they are building with each lesson...they love spending time with other kids playing Pokemon in the game room! We definitely recommend Senseij."


"Sensei Jared is a wonderful instructor for both children and adults. My son and I have been his students for a few years now. We both enjoy the classes and he has helped my son with discipline and focus. Senseij Jared is always trying to improve himself so he can improve his students, a sign of a true teacher. I highly recommend going for classes."